You must purchase 2 samples at $90 or $150 each. The price depends on the intricacy of your design.  The sample fee includes us sourcing your desired fabric; as well as the creation of your patterns based on your designs. Once the samples have been sewn, they will be shipped to you for your approval. Fabric is not included in wholesale sewing costs.


Once you have approved the samples... You must purchase a minimum of 30 of the approved items to be produced at $19-$50 each. The cost will depend on the intricacy and variety of your designs. You must also purchase the fabric approved in the sample. We work with you to source your desired fabric at the lowest cost possible. Fabric prices range from $3-$5 per yard.


Once payment has been received; we will sew all items and then ship everything to you for free. Sewing times range from 2-4 weeks and shipping from Africa takes about 1-2 weeks. Please estimate about 6 weeks total for your delivery. To get started, please fill out the wholesale inquiry form and we will call you to answer any questions and start the process.

No Fabric Sourcing Fee + No Pattern/Tech Pack Needed + Low Cost Sewing + Low Minimums + Approve Samples + Create Jobs In Africa + Free Shipping